Medical Creator Spotlight: The Exotic Vet Community of Instagram

Medical Creator Spotlight: The exotic vet community of Instagram

Today we released a magnificent beast into the wild. 

Was it a spiny lump-sucker? A tasseled wobbegong? A wunderpus photogenicus? Nope.

Our magnificent beast is of the avian variety.


Introducing the SQUAWK scrub cap


Introducing the SQUAWK scrub cap


Excuse us for peacocking, but isn't that print glorious?


If you're not in love with  SQUAWK already, you will be once you hear the story behind it.

SQUAWK was designed by the exotic vet community

We didn't choose the birds on SQUAWK randomly. In fact, we didn't choose them at all. The birds were selected by members of the exotic vet community with the goal of making you smile. 

And, for extra smile-making power:

10% of sales from SQUAWK go to The Macaw Society. 


Meet the vets behind SQUAWK 
 Rachel Ellerd @Exotic.Pet.Vet

Dr. Rachel Ellerd @Exotic.Pet.Vet 

Rachel is a newly graduated vet with a contagious love of exotic animals. 

Dr. Rachel is a must-follow for:

  • Snake lovers.
  • Students considering vet school.
  • Long-standing vets who want to remember what it was like to be a young, passionate vet seeing everything for the first time. 

Here's one of our favorite posts:


Fun Fact: If Rachel wasn't an exotic animal vet, she would make an outstanding scrub cap designer. She was our lead collaborator on this project, and we can't thank her enough for her help  


 Dr. Marlena Lopez @Veterinary_Adventures

Dr. Marlena Lopez @Veterinary_Adventures 

Did you know that a horse produces around 10 gallons of saliva a day? You would if you followed @Veterinary_Adventures. Dr. Marlena is a zoologist and recent vet school graduate. Her feed is full of wonderful facts about animal behavior and evolution. 

Dr. Marlena is a must follow-for:

  • Animal fact lovers.
  • Zoologists considering veterinary school.
  • Anyone wants to know more about animal characteristics and behavior.

Here's one of our favorite posts:



Dr. Emma Hall

Dr. Emma Hall

Dr. Emma recently opened her home to a flying fox named Tilly. I doubt you need another reason to follow Dr. Emma. If you do, she is also a successful clinic owner with 15 years of exotics experience.

Dr. Emma is a must-follow for:

  • Anyone who loves birds, reptiles and rodents.
  • Newbie exotic vets in need of tips. 
  • Aspiring clinic owners looking for a kick-ass example to follow. 

Here's one of our favorite posts:


Dr. Lauren Thielen @dr.laurenthielen

 Dr. Lauren Thielen @dr.laurenthielen

Does Dr. T look familiar? It's probably because she's famous!  Dr. T is an ABVP certified avian specialist. She educates tens-of-thousands of people on exotic animal care as the star of National Geographic Wild's Dr. T, Lone Star Vet. 

Dr. T is a must-follow for:

  • Bird lovers. 
  • Aspiring avian specialists.
  • Exotic vets looking for tips on treating avian patients. 

Here's one of our favorite posts:


 Dr Florent Modesto

Dr. Florent Modesto

If you're fascinated by exotic animal surgery, this is the Instagram account for you. Dr. Flo is an ABVP certified specialist in exotic companion mammals. He is currently the head of the exotic pet department at Veterinary Clinic Brasseur in Belgium.  

Dr. Flo is a must-follow for:

  • Anyone interested in veterinary surgery.
  • Anyone interested in veterinary surgery.

    Here's one of our favorite posts:



    Dr. Susan J Tyson @exoticdoctyson

    Dr. Susan J Tyson @exoticdoctyson

    Dr. Tyson is an exotics and wildlife veterinarian, a mother of two and a lover of teaching, photography and fitness. Her account is proof that being a vet doesn't have to mean sacrificing the things you enjoy.  

    Dr. Tyson is a must-follow for:

    • #fitdoctorsofinsta
    • Anyone who wants to see a REAL example of work-life balance 
    • Vet students who'd like to understand what the job is like day-to-day. 

      Here's one of our favorite posts:



      Dr Amber Lee @dr_amber_lee

       Dr. Amber Lee @dr_amber_lee

      Dr. Amber is a Sydney exotic vet with a soft spot for birds. Her Instagram channel is dedicated to teaching exotic pet owners how to care for their animals properly. 

      Dr. Amber is a must-follow for:

      • Bird lovers.
      • Exotic pet owners.
      • Vet's looking for care-resources to share with their patient's owners.  

      Here's one of our favorite posts:


      SarahJane Harrington @All_Things_ExoticsDr. SaraJane Harrington @All_Things_Exotics

      SaraJane is a newly graduated vet and a strong advocate for all things scaly, furry and feathered. This is why we are a strong advocate for following Dr. SaraJane. 

      SaraJane is a must-follow for:

      • Turtle and tortoise fans.
      • Young people thinking of becoming vets.
      • Exotic pet owners looking for care advice.

      Here's one of our favorite posts:



      Dr. Sydney Pokard @doctorsydney_dvm

      Dr. Sydney Pokard @doctorsydney_dvm

      Dr. Sydney is a small animal and exotics vet with big dreams. She wants to start her own practice and act as a mentor for vet students. 

      Dr. Sydney is a must-follow for:

      • Owl lovers (they're her favorite.)
      • Vet students at schools with no exotics offering.
      • Anyone who loves a success story.  Trust us. You're about to see the journey from vet to practice owner in real-time. 

      Here's one of our favorite posts:


      Dr. Laila Proença @the_vetaheadDr. Laila Proença @the_vetahead

      Dr. Laila is a Zoological Medicine Specialist and super-savvy businesswoman. She recently launched Vetahead — an online platform for exotics education. 

      Dr. Laila is a must-follow for: 

      • Exotic vets looking to expand and upskill.
      • People having trouble getting into the exotics field.
      • Practice owners looking for advice on topics like pricing and profitability.   

      Here's one of our favorite posts: 


      HOT TIP: If you need to update your license soon, check out Vetahead's first-course RITES of Passage with Antimicrobial Stewardship. It aims to take mandatory antibiotic stewardship study from an obligation to a productive experience. 

      Aren't they awesome! 

      We can't tell you grateful we were to work with this dedicated bunch of people.

      Here are their names one more time. Follow their channels now! And don't forget to show your love by liking and commenting on all their posts. 

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