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Scrub Caps

Yes! Our standard caps fit heads from XS to XL, and out XL+ caps can stretch much larger.

What a bizarre question. But, okay, let’s logic it out: 

We designed XL+ caps to cover long thick hair. They stretch up to 73cm.

Thanks to a sneaky measure-mission at our local supermarket, we can confirm that a watermelon with a 73cm circumference is pretty darn big. 

So yes! Our scrub caps can cover a really big watermelon. 

We designed our caps to cover long hair in a bun — none of this ponytail-dangling-out-the-back business with Dr. Woof! 

At the back of each scrub cap, you’ll find a special elastic band. The band allows the cap to stretch over a large hair bun, and still tie snuggly against your head. 

Our standard scrub caps stretch up to 64cm. This is suitable for medium-length hair in most cases. 

We made the XL+ scrub cap for long thick hair. It stretches up to an impressive 74cm! That’s 7XL in hat sizes.

There are two sizes, standard, and XL+. If you’re not sure which one you need, the best option is to measure your head. Here’s how:

STEP 1: Tie your hair in a bun (if necessary.) When you wear our caps, you should position your bun just below the crown of your head. But, for measuring only, we suggest tying your bun lower — roughly in line with your nose.

STEP 2: Measure the circumference of your head, including your hair. 

STEP 3: Select a size. Standard XS– XL is suitable for up to 24" (62cm). XL+ is suitable for up to 28 3/4" (73cm)

Instructions for short hair:  

1. Position the scrub hat on your head.

2. Pull the sides of the cap down firmly while you fasten the ties at the back.

Instructions for medium and long hair:  

1. Tie your hair in a bun just below the crown of your head.

2. Position the scrub hat on your head. Make sure the cap’s elastic band sits underneath your bun. 

3. Pull the sides of the cap down firmly while you fasten the ties at the back. 

Having trouble? Here’s a video to help you out.

Before you panic, check you’ve put your bun in the right place.

• If you can’t pull the cap down fully onto your head, the bun is probably too high.

• If your hair is poking out the back of the cap, the bun is probably too low. 

Our scrub caps are 100% cotton. That’s what makes them so cozy and soft.

Regular machine wash with like colors in temperature no higher than 40C/104F. Hang dry only.

Our caps are 100% cotton, which means they will shrink in the dryer.

Our patterns are a bit like viruses. Some patterns come back again and again. Some patterns you can only get once.

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Reusable Face Masks

Yes. Our masks are one-size-fits-all.

Cumulus Knitted Face Masks: 68% Rayon, 17% Nylon, 2% Lycra 13% Bioserica.® Bioserca® is a natural fabric scientifically proven to kill bacteria.

Circios face masks: Two layers of 100% cotton and one layer of polyester.

There are two steps: 

1. Use the adjustable earloops to pull the mask tightly around your face. 

2. Bend the metal nose bridge to create a snug fit around your nose.

PM2.5 particles are over 100x thinner than a strand of hair. You can find them in smoke and smoke polluted air. PM2.5 particles are dangerous to breathe in. Luckily, PM2.5 filters catch most of them.

No. Our masks are for everyday wear.

It depends on where you are and how often you are using the filter.  At the very least, we suggest changing the filter once for every 12 hours of use.

Hand wash in warm water, or machine wash in a delicates bag. Air dry only.

Stethoscope Charms

Our charms are around 25mm x 25mm. For our American colleagues, that is 1-inch x 1-inch. If you don’t have a ruler nearby — that’s around the size of a bottle cap.

Our charms are 100% copper with nickel electroplating for durability.

Important note: We choose nickel plating because stethoscopes get banged around a lot. Nickel is incredibly strong and durable. However, it can cause allergies and other issues for some people. Nickel is not recommended for wear directly on the skin.

Our charms are not intended to come into prolonged contact with the skin. When placed correctly, they would spend most of the day sitting on top of your scrubs, lab coat or work-clothes. 

Even so, we do not recommend our charms for people with a nickel allergy.

1. Slip the Dr. Woof stethoscope cuff around your stethoscope tubing.

2. Position the cuff towards the top of the tubing, just below where the earpieces branch out.

3. Squeeze the cuff shut and clip on your charm.

Once you’ve attached the charm, make sure that you have positioned it correctly. There are two tests to do.

TEST ONE: Put the stethoscope on. Hold the bell against your chest. Make sure there is no interference with auscultation. If interference occurs, loosen the cuff, slide it further away from your stethoscope bell, and re-tighten.

TEST TWO: Hang the stethoscope around your neck sideways and then by the earpieces. Make sure the charm sits comfortably on top of your scrub uniform.

Place the charm on the tubing of the stethoscope, just below where the earpieces branch off.

(Click to see image)

Yes. You can clip multiple charms to a Dr. Woof stethoscope cuff. You can also put multiple Dr. Woof cuffs on your stethoscope.

No. When the charm is attached in the correct position, there is no interference.

Check with your workplace. Our charms are easy to clean and disinfect. But, this does not mean that every workplace will allow them.

Yes. You can attach the charm to bags or keys. It comes with a ring to help you do this. 

Please note that our charms are not jewelry, and you should not wear them in direct contact with the skin.

Checkout & Promos

Good news! It’s not a sudden price increase, it’s a currency change. 

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No. We do not.

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When urine the middle of a long shift, comfortable scrubs can make a vas deferens to your mood.

Because they’re comfy and they make you smile.

Sorry. This one’s not a joke — it’s more of a fun fact.

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