Explore the Variety of Styles and Designs of Scrub Caps at Dr. Woof

With Dr. Woof's amazing selection of scrub caps, you can step up your workwear game while maintaining comfort and elegance. Our selection includes something for everyone, whether you're a medical professional trying to give your uniform a little personality or just need a useful way to keep your hair in control.

Because we at Dr. Woof know how important every little detail is, we take great care and attention to detail while crafting our scrub hats. Our caps are made from high-quality materials and are not only fashionable but also pleasant to wear for the duration of your shift and long-lasting.

Types of Scrub Caps Available at Dr. Woof

Our Scrub Caps Collection boasts an array of styles and designs that seamlessly blend functionality with fashion. Let's delve into the diverse options available:

Tie Back Scrub Caps

  • Features: The back of our tie-back scrub caps may be adjusted to provide a unique fit that will keep you comfortable all through your shift. They are made of high-quality materials and are breathable and durable.
  • Benefits: Experience a comfortable, secure fit that holds you in position all day, giving you peace of mind and a distraction-free workspace.

Ponytail Scrub Caps

  • Features: Our ponytail scrub caps fit a variety of hair lengths and styles while looking professional because they are made with a handy ponytail pouch. The band's elasticization guarantees a snug and comfortable fit.
  • Benefits: Keep your hair properly tied back and out of the way to lower the possibility of infection and preserve a clean workplace. Embrace hassle-free shifts and bid adieu to hair emergencies!

Pattern Scrub Caps

  • Fun scrub caps: Express your personality with our selection of cute and funky scrub caps, featuring playful prints and vibrant colors that add a touch of fun to your uniform.
  • Animal scrub caps: With these charming scrub caps with animal themes, you may flaunt your love for animals and make your patients smile.
  • Florals and faunas scrub caps: Embrace nature-inspired designs with our floral and fauna scrub caps, bringing a sense of serenity and beauty to your work attire.

Size Guide and Fit Tips: Finding the Perfect Scrub Cap

Ensuring a comfortable and secure fit is essential when choosing a scrub cap to accompany you through your busy shifts. Here are some helpful tips for finding the most comfortable and secure scrub cap:

Tie Back Scrub Caps

  • When covering short hair: Our Tie Back Scrub Caps are designed to fit almost all heads and can stretch up to 24" in circumference, accommodating hat sizes XS to XXL.
  • When covering medium-long hair in a bun: The caps feature an elastic back to easily stretch over your bun. Tie your hair in a bun just below the crown of your head, then measure around your head (including the bun) to make sure it fits perfectly.

Ponytail Scrub Caps

  • Our Ponytail Scrub Caps are also made to fit practically any head size; the hat's circumference extends up to 26", accommodating hat sizes XS through XXXL.
  • The ponytail pouch has a circumference of up to 16", which is about the size of a cantaloupe. This means that it can easily fit ponytails of all lengths and styles.

You can also customize your doctor scrub caps with our embroidery service! Add your name, title, or logo to create a unique design that distinguishes you. Our embroidery process provides a professional finish and adds a bit of personality to your clothes. Contact us today to learn more about how you may personalize your scrub caps!

Complete Your Look with Dr. Woof's Finest

At Dr. Woof US, we provide a selection of matching accessories to complete your scrubs sets look and infuse your day with some flair!

Matching Hair Scrunchies

Our matching scrunchies, which are made to go well with our scrub caps and other clothing, will round off your ensemble. Dr. Woof’s scrunchies give a splash of color and flair to your clothing while being kind to your hair because to their soft and flexible texture. We have the ideal scrunchie to match with your style, whether you like striking designs or timeless solids.

Check out our selection of scrunchies here!

Stethoscope Charms Made by Local Healthcare Artists

Stethoscope charms are the new and fashionable way to personalize your stethoscope is with these lovely accessories! Our charms, specifically designed and made by our healthcare community artist friends will make you smile and start a conversation.

Check out our selection of stethoscope charms and support local artists!

Compression Socks

Wear our premium compression socks to keep your feet feeling rested and uplifted during your shift. Our compression socks are essential for healthcare professionals who are constantly on the go because they are made to enhance circulation and lessen weariness. You can choose from a variety of hues and designs to keep yourself fashionable and comfy from head to toe. Check out our selection of compression socks here.

Save Big on Your Favorite Scrubs Caps

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