Medical Creator Spotlight: Noor aka Just Flossing By

Medical Creator Spotlight: Noor aka Just Flossing By

When you lay back in the dental hygienist's chair, all sorts of things float through your head.

I should call my mother
Fluoride Tastes Weird
Can they tell I don't floss?

Here's something you probably haven't thought before:

I wonder if my hygienist is also a talented artist with an Etsy shop full of hilarious dental-themed stickers.

Woof Pack, Meet Noor AKA @Justflossingby

Noor JustFlossingBy

Noor is a Canadian dental hygienist and artist. In her spare time, she creates fun dental-themed stickers to sell on Etsy.

Noor's cheeky graphic style is a hit with dentists, dental hygienists, dental nurses, dental receptionists, dental patients, people who live near dental offices ... really just anyone with teeth.

Noor Quote

Does Just Flossing By Sound Familiar?

If you're a member of the Woof Pack, you've probably seen Noor's work before. She the designer behind JUST FLOSSING BY, the ultimate dental scrub cap.

Man wearing the Dr. Woof Just Flossing by surgical scrub cap



Awesome right! Wait 'till you see the rest of her art.

Here Are Five of Our Favorite Just Flossing By Designs

1. Keep on Flossing

Like most dental hygienists, Noor is a passionate advocate for flossing. If you need help remembering to floss, maybe one of these cheeky stickers will do the trick.


2. A tooth for every time you forget to floss

If you need even more encouragement to floss, how about one of these stickers instead:


3. Molar the explorer 

Nothing against Dora, but this would make a much cooler TV show. 


4. Tooth Bae

Tooth Bae > Salt Bae. #Justsaying


5. Just Flossing By - The Ultimate Dental Scrub Cap

How could we make a list of our favorite Just Flossing By designs and not include this one? We love it so much. Look how detailed it is.

Just Flossing By Pattern

Need to See More Noor?

Us too! Follow Noor on Instagram @justflossingby.

Don't forget to show your support (and make a fellow medical worker smile) by 

  • Liking her posts and leaving a comment.

  • Visiting her Etsy Store.

  • Sharing Noor's work with medical minded friends and family. 

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