Dr. Woof Apparel AU

Your day in Dr. Woof Scrubs

7:00 AM

Hit snooze 8 times.Get ready in 2.5 mins flat. Still look good.

  • Wrinkle-resistant fabric because ironing sucks.
  • Subtle tailoring so you look polished even if you don’t feel it.

8:00 AM

Be the star of your coffee shop. Make the suit and heels crowd jealous.

  • Give off main-character energy with a colour and fit that fires your confidence.
  • Always look fresh – your personality doesn’t fade in the wash, so neither do our scrubs.

10:10 AM

Chest compressions for 7 minutes straight, and not a sweat patch in sight

  • Sweat-wicking technology for the driest pits in the ICU.
  • Move with ease thanks to 4-way stretch fabric. 

12:00 PM

A quick nap. When your scrubs feel like pyjamas, why not?

  • Experience fabric so silky soft our customers won’t stop raving about.
  • Wake up looking fresher than ever – wrinkle resistance saves the day again.

3:00 PM

Drop your key card. Keep your dignity.

  • Keep your crack under wraps in pants designed for bending and stretching. 
  • Find the perfect pants to cover your 🍑with sizes XXS to 3XL in a range of styles and inseams. 

5:00 PM

See your boss looking for people to stay late. Distract her with pens and snacks.

  • Up to 12 pockets so you can be more prepared than a boy scout.
  • Big, deep, functional pocket designs that easily hold phones, keys, snacks and more.

8:00 PM

Arrive home looking as fresh as when you left. Hate your pyjamas for not being as comfy as your scrubs.


Dr. Woof Apparel AU