Layering Comfort: What to Wear Under Scrubs?

Layering Comfort: What to Wear Under Scrubs?

Walking into your shift, you want to feel like a superhero in scrubs, ready to tackle whatever the day throws at you. But, just like every caped crusader needs their suit of armor, healthcare professionals need the right gear underneath those scrubs for ultimate comfort and functionality. Wondering what to wear under scrubs? Don't sweat it (literally); we've got you covered with the ultimate guide to layering for success.

What to Wear Under Scrub Tops?

Scrub Undershirts

First up, we're talking undershirts—the unsung heroes of the medical wardrobe. Check out Dr.Woof Apparel for underscrubs that are like the Swiss army knife of undergarments. Whether you're team short-sleeve or long-sleeve, we've got options that are thick enough to keep you cozy against the AC's arctic blast but breathable enough to not turn you into a walking sauna.

Thermal Underwear or Leggings

For those chilly mornings or overly enthusiastic air conditioning, thermal underwear or leggings can be a lifesaver. They're like a warm hug for your legs—who wouldn't want that?

Tank Tops

Tank tops are the perfect choice for the "I want to layer but also want to feel like I’m wearing almost nothing" crowd. Go for something snug but not suffocating, like a gentle reminder that it's there.


The foundation of any good outfit. Comfort is key, so choose wisely. And remember, the right underwear can make or break your day (or at least your comfort level).


Can't forget about the feet! Dr. Woof’s compression socks are not just socks; they're like a pep talk for your feet. They say, "Hey, we’ve got you supported, go conquer that 12-hour shift!"

What Things to Consider Before Choosing Underscrubs?


Opt for wrinkle-resistant, flexible, and moisture-wicking fabric. It's like choosing the best sidekick—reliable and makes you look good.

Workplace’s Rules

Know the rules before you play the game. Some places have strict dress codes, so make sure your underscrub game is both top-notch and rule-compliant.

Temperature Inside and Outside

Be aware of the climate you're stepping into—both the great outdoors and the great indoors of your workplace.

Ease of Movement

If you can't do the hokey pokey in it, you might want to reconsider. Your  underscrubs should allow you to twist, turn, and save lives without feeling restricted.

Ease of Movement


While it might be tempting to go wild with colors, remember that some may show through lighter-colored scrubs. When in doubt, neutrals are your best bet.

Dr. Woof Apparel for Quality Underscrubs and Compression Socks

Dr. Woof Apparel for Quality Underscrubs and Compression Socks

Why choose Dr. Woof Apparel? We understand that some days, work feels more like a workout. Our underscrubs are blended with spandex, so you can bend, stretch, and snap back with ease. They're so cozy, you'll probably want an extra one just to lounge around the house. Plus, they're made with 78% recycled fabric, so you're doing good for the planet while doing good for your patients.

Don't just take our word for it. Here's what Areeba F., a verified purchaser, had to say:

"I absolutely adore these underscrubs! They’re so stretchy and breathable, putting them on and hitching up the sleeves isn’t uncomfortable at all! they also cover my arms and chest well and they enable so much movement. so worth the money!!"

Ready to revolutionize your work wardrobe? Visit Dr. Woof Apparel's website for a range of underscrubs and compression socks designed with healthcare professionals like you in mind.

Remember, the right layers under your scrubs can make all the difference in tackling your day with confidence and comfort.