A Closer Look at The 15 Hearts Scrub Cap by Sarai Llamas

A Closer Look at The 15 Hearts Scrub Cap by Sarai Llamas

Dr. Woof is thrilled to announce the latest scrub cap in our Made By Medical collection: 15 Hearts by Sarai Llamas.

Medical Artist Sarah Llamas
Sarai Llamas #medart icon 

As an illustrator, Sarai has spent years helping our community to understand anatomy, identify illnesses & conceptualise complex medical procedures. 

She also helps us smile with her quirky, clever, intricate medical art — which you can see on her Instagram page and buy prints of on her website. 

Art by Sarai Llamas

A selection of art from Sarai's Instagram page


The 15 Hearts Scrub Cap Print

The 15 Hearts scrub cap features 15 of Sarai's magical heart-themed art pieces. Since it's hard to capture the detail & artistry of each heart in scrub-cap product photos, we wanted to share the original artworks here for you.

#1 A criminal always returns to the scene of the crime

#2 My heart is like the ocean

#3 You 'octopi' my heart

#4 Life is like a box of chocolates

#5 Let it bee

#6 No winter lasts forever

#7 Shinzou / kokoro

#8 First aid for the soul

#9 From my heart to yours

#10 A smooth sea never made a skilled sailor

#11 Spring comes from your heart

#12 Only "I" can fix me

#13 Perceptio

#14: Half empty or half full

#15: Simple heart

See More of Sarai's Artwork

Instagram:  @Saraillamas
Website: Saraillamas.com

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