Pizza Cats in Space
Pizza Cats in Space

Pizza Cats in Space


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Flat earth theory? Fake moon-landing? Don't be a space conspiracy n00b. 

Want to know the real space-themed truth bomb that everyone is hiding from you? Space is really an elaborate cat playground full of boxes and pizza. 

Spread the truth in our 100% cotton Pizza Cats in Space scrub cap

  • Soft & breathable
  • Designed by medical workers
  • Covers over long-hair in a bun.
  • Hundreds of 5-star reviews.

Our caps are designed to cover a hair bun tied just below the crown of your head. When measuring for your hat, don't forget to include your hair.  



Diameter Hair Length
Standard XS–
up to 62 cm Short–
XL+ XL–6XL up to ⁠73 cm Medium (Thick)
– Long

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Smiles Guaranteed

If happy playful pizza cats don't make you smile, maybe one of these things will:

Buttons to hold your mask

100% cotton — softer than a hug

Stretches over long hair in a bun.

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