Quokka by AndeeTee
Quokka by AndeeTee
Quokka by AndeeTee

"I love the scrub cap so much! It's so cute and so well made!" — Nadine M.

Quokka by AndeeTee


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When registered nurse Andee Tee isn't scrubbing in for surgery, she's hard at work on the most beautiful surface patterns you've ever seen — including this grinning Quokka (Setonix Brachyurus) print from our The Wild Life collection. 

For a grin as big as Western Australia's smiliest marsupial, shop Quokka by Andee Tee today. 

  • 100% Cotton
  • Soft & breathable 
  • Designed by medical workers
  • Covers over long-hair in a bun.
  • New design with buttons. No more sore ears. 
  • Hundreds of 5-star reviews.

Our caps are designed to cover a hair bun tied just below the crown of your head. When measuring for your hat, don't forget to include your hair.  



Diameter Hair Length
Standard XS–
up to 62 cm Short–
XL+ XL–6XL up to ⁠73 cm Medium (Thick)
– Long

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Andeetee Scrub Cap Designer

Greetings Woof Pack! I'm Andrea or Andeetee. Being a scrub nurse, I am in a sterile and often rigid environment for most of the day. It basically requires me to be on full adult mode, which can be quite exhausting! Art helps me tap into my inner child and just let go and let loose.

The design I chose for Dr. Woof is the happy little Quokka with flora from their natural habitat in Rottnest Island. I chose the Quokka because they are just so darn adorable. I hope that these having these unique, tiny creatures on your pretty little heads will make your day brighter.

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